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Started by biomed_des, November 06, 2012, 01:08:43 AM

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we bought an Olimex mod-pulse evaluation board recently. we downloaded the manaul for this board from the website. the manual is not well written. Nomenclature for pins in port 1 , 2 etc such as P 2.1 or P 6.1 are not described and confusing. It seems this eval board implements TI's application note for pulse oximtery - SLAA274AB. Is it right. we sent an email to the company. We did not hear from the company - OILMEX. can any body help us in figuring out - how to make the eval board work to build a pulse oximtery.

Do you know if the demo software is already installed in the board?

How can we downlaod the software from the computer to the board - using JTAG or RS 232?



Hello biomed_des,

MOD-PULSE is a board made by Olimex entirely based on the efforts of Texas Instruments who outsourced the project to us. The schematics are based on their original design. This is the case with the software and the firmware.

What exactly confuses you in the extended TI documentation so I can write a short how-to and publish it on the web-site. I wonder how the names like P2.1 P6.1 can be confusinbg since these are standard names of the processor ports according to the processor datasheet -

You need MSP430 compatible JTAG tool to program the board with new firmware. There is already demo installed which works with the PROBE sensor - you need it to measure all the needed data. The board sends data on the UEXT also - this data can be seen on a terminal program (like putty) if you have a properly configured MOD-USB-RS232 ( - properly configured means the RX meets TX and vice versa (and not RX to RX). Such a converter is needed due to the levels of the signals on the UEXT.

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