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Started by paul2233, April 24, 2014, 08:53:55 PM

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Does anyone have a roundup of the available IDE's and tools for Linux.
In particular the debuggers for application development (and kernel dev as well ideally)

For example (and please make any necessary alterations or comments) :

Sourcery CodeBench Lite - ARM/Linux
now reduced to $99 (was ~$400)
Eclipse IDE application development using GDB over TCP/IP

Sourcery ARM/EABI - kernel developemnt ?

Mentor Sourcery lite
command line only, GDB over TCP/IP

Linux gcc and binutils etc.
Free, require linux (or virtualbox) host
see wiki

printk statements
for kernel development (if nothing else works)

linux host, gdb command line
requires necessary jtag driver (e.g. openocd)
Some jtag dongles may not be supported (e.g. jlink ?)

linux host, Eclipse+CDT connected to GDB over TCP/IP
Does this work ? or require a lot of setup ?

Bare metal IDEs:
Atollic TrueStudio, Crossworks
Not suitable for either kernel or application developemnt


I use Yocto to build my root filesystem and then I use Qt Embedded for all of my development. QtCreator -- while sometimes annoying -- is super easy to set up for remote debugging over TCP/IP. Even if I'm only writing a textmode app, I stick to Qt -- the libraries are handy, and the workflow is really streamlined.

Plus, Yocto will automagically set everything up for you (including the kits for Qt), so you never have to worry about cross compilers and libraries and includes -- it's all done for you.