MAXI + Cross compiled PHP

Started by LearningFast, November 10, 2012, 04:06:51 PM

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Morning guys,

First I want to say thanks for the board it working out well. I have a IMX233 Maxi and have install the Open Embedded building using the instructions from here I now wanted to get PHP running on the board so thought I would try and follow the information here but unfortunately after transferring a compiled version onto the board and running php -v I get the error 

/usr/sbin/php: line 2: ELF: not found
/usr/sbin/php: line 5: syntax error: unexpected ")"

I am presuming the cross compile isn't going well and so am asking for some help. Does anyone have PHP cross compiled working on the OPEN Embedded image? I don't want to install ARCH as the image is so much larger.