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Started by dlock4, April 09, 2014, 09:29:51 PM

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I just received 2 modules PIC-MICRO-WEB. I have powered-up with external 24Vdc and connected to
the network. The red led has turned ON and i'm able to ping the PIC-MICRO-WEB using the default ipaddress 

However, i unable to see a web pages loading when i try:  http/ on internet explorer

I try to connect using FTP, without success.

I don't want to modify software until i have verified the default application coming with the module.

Which functions is include by default on the module?  Ping work, FTP work? Web page work?

Please let me know the default board funcitons.


Are you sure your PC is on the same subnet (i.e. has some 192.168.0.xxx address)?


You can try port scanner (like Nmap, http://nmap.org/) to check what ports are open and what servers are running.



Problem resolved.   

My computer has 2 network cards, one was connected to compagny network (172.16.xx.xx) and i connect the other card to the olimex board at (

By disabling the compagny network card, i'm able to see the olimex web page.  However, i will need to understand why the HTTP page do not load with 2 network card enabled.

Tnanks for the help