GPIO connector to A10 Lime

Started by Tantan, February 28, 2014, 04:31:35 pm

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I'm interested by the A10 lime (small price with ethernet port) but GPIO connector is very small. (A20 is too expensive for my small project)

I need 5 GPIO pin in my project and I dont want to use Uext module for only 5 pin. (I need To use one of this module to connected an LCD 4.3TS)

How Can I connect pin on connector ? (Have you an part number for femalle connector 1 pin which i can connect on GPIO port ?)

Have You a Datasheet of your connector ?



Its just a normal 1.27mm header (as opposed to the more common 2.54mm == 0.1" types). 
Look up 1.27mm at any electronic web store and you should find what you need ( 2x20pin 1.27mm female header)



I'm not found 1 pin femelle 1.27mm (this is that i want). I would otherwise.

Is Olimex have plan to make A10-lime with standard 0.1" connector or an plugin card witch provide 0,1" for all GPIO (in one card) ?


If you can drive Eagle PCB then it should be simple to create a breakout board for the Lime. DFRobot have a very low cost PCB service where you can get the boards made. One order will give you 10 of them. It can fit into a 10 x 10cm so it is very cost effective to make your own. The 40 pin 2.54mm pitch are about 60mm long.

This connector from Samtec will allow you to plug into the Lime board. They also have 0.1 (2.54mm ones you can use for the other connector)