Clarification on initial MAC addresses

Started by djrose, March 03, 2014, 02:06:14 pm

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I've just received an order for 5 lime boards. Each one was unpacked and powered up with the same SD card image. The image is a build of Linux constructed using the instructions of:

For each board, I carried out an ifconfig and took a note of the HWaddr (aka MAC address).

It appears that all 5 boards have a random value:


I am use to using equipment where the MAC address is formed from an assigned 3 byte OUI value plus a 3 byte supplier value.

So, the question is whether these random MAC addresses are expected from the Limeboard and/or Olimex?


Quoteassigned 3 byte OUI value
That's possible if you buy a block of addresses. They're not that expensive.  But why make the boards more expensive by doing that? You can, of course, buy your own block if you are re-selling the boards and want them to have your OUI. For hobby market boards, using a free MAC generated by the web-based MAC Address generator is probably better.


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Absolutely, they're not expensive. I had to purchase a large block for a previous employer before. In excess of 16 million for $2500. That works out at less than 1 tenth of a cent per board. Hardly likely to put up the selling price.

But, as a buyer, I need to know whether it is expected to be random or valid.