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Started by insink71, February 11, 2014, 11:08:22 AM

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Looked over your boards.. real nice.  Just wondered if there might be a planned A31 (allwinner) board.  That quad-core appears to be quite a versatile chip and still based on the Arm Cortex A7 [like the nice A20's recently released].  I see you guys' plan to move to TI, but I didn't know if one might hold out hope for such.  Saw the wit-tech/merrii boards, but I'm all about getting some data sheets in english and having a community I could actually communicate with... so just sniffing I suppose  ;)


A31 uses PoverVR which means no open source video/3D, this is what hold back linux-sunxi community to get involved with it
There is IIRC campain on kickstarter from US guy who is re-selling Chinese tablets with some kind of Linux flavour, but don't know the details, probably he is using the Android binary blobs and is stick to particular kernel version


Open source GPU/VPU is very important to us over here!


Are there any powerful ARM CPUs without GPUs? Are there plans for boards with such CPUs?
For some projects a GPU is not needed at all, serial console is enough.