Started by koennie, November 02, 2012, 04:29:26 PM

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I'm trying to enable an parallel display on the olinuxino.
The GPIO have enough pins to drive RGB666. Since the IMX233 supports this feature, it should be able.

Does anyone know if there is a driver available (and where) to enable this feature?



I'm trying to get the same thing. I have LCD PC BOARD (KR023LMVL) there. I'm trying to ride this board with imx-233 maxi with GPIO. 
I reached a few things. links below. Examine. Maybe we can find a solution. If you can find a solution, I would ask you to provide detailed information.

take it easy.


I made a custum PCB wich connects the GPIO connector to the display.
I didn't tried it yet, but i should get things running this week.

When it does,i'll post pictures and a short explanation here.



I am also interested in this project, but I don't have an imx233-olinuxino on my hands yet.

You mean you are trying to connect olinuxino via 18-bit rgb parallel interface with an lcd and writing the drivers too, right?


Thank you very much. I look forward to.


Hi koennie!
could try to do card? PCB wich connects the GPIO connector to the display
Did you get a successful result?

Alex Wood

I'm also trying to connect an LCD display to the iMX233. I am using a 7" touch screen which uses 24 bit parallel interface (which can easily be downed to 18 bits to match the iMX233.)

I notice from the documentation that the LCD D0 - D17, DOTCLK, VSYNC, HSYNC, LCD_CS, LCD_RS, LCD_WR, LCD_DISP and LCD_EN signals are available on the GPIO header. Is there a compiled image of linux for the board which uses these signals as the default video output?

If not, how much work is it to put one together?

I am fairly new to Linux. I have a lot of experience programming graphical user interfaces on embedded systems (such as the PIC33EP512MU810 micro-controller,) I'm hoping to expand my scope  :)


I doubt you can connect 24 bit LCD to iMX233
what we did is to connect Nokia 6610 LCD in this project:

Alex Wood

Thanks for the quick response!

Why do you think there would be problems connecting a full LCD display to the device?

The LCD has a 24 bit interface (8 bits each for R, G and B) I was intending to simply tie the two LSBs of each colour low and then connect the 6 MSBs of each colour to the 18 bit LCD interface on the iMX233.

Is the issue software or have I completely misunderstood the hardware interface?


imx233 in TQFP package support only 8bit LCD mode and only LCDs with internal Video RAM

Alex Wood

I looked up the processor on the ARM website and I see what you mean. I was confused by the table on page 40 of the data sheet for the board which shows the pin out of the GPIO header. Its shows the LCD signals I mentioned in my first post, which are the same LCD signals my LCD panel uses.

I notice that you are about to release the A13-OLinuXino-MICRO which has LCD support. I guess this would be a much better solution for my application (a predictive maintenance system.) The only issue is that I need LAN, I guess I can just use a USB to LAN dongle or something...

At 28EUR OEM price I will certainly consider the A13-OLinuXino-MICRO for the product I am developing.

Thanks for your help!


indeed for LCD apps A13 is much better, you can use USB-ETHERNET-AX88772B adapter to add Ethernet to the Micro