Programing STM32F407 with ARM JTAG(parallel port)?

Started by tmanev, November 02, 2012, 03:37:30 PM

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Any idea if it is possible to program STM32F407 with ARM JTAG(parallel port)?

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If you're using openocd, you just need to run it with the "parport.cfg" configuration file + the Olimex supplied stm32f4x configuration file:

openocd -f <path to parport.cfg> -f stm32f4x.cfg

I successfully programmed my E407 board many times this way, with the parallel JTAG adapter sold by Olimex.

(For other reasons the JTAG port of the board seems dead now after I flashed a demo which was not written for the E407, so I have had to contact Olimex support. But that's another story)