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Started by Touf2638, January 30, 2014, 02:22:05 PM

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I made a project on arduino Due to generate electricals signals.
All is ok but now I need to calculate differents things during my timer interrupt and duration of calcul is longer than interrupt time.
So I look for a new card with best frequence and I find A10S. My questions :

Is there a timer interrupt on A10S usable in C like Arduino ?
Is it possible to manipulate directly GPIO ports like "PORTA = 16#FF00" ?
Is there external interrupt on GPIO usable in C like Arduino ?

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Partly but you'd have to read not very good datasheets originally in Chinese and somewhat in English.

Maybe use something like STM32F4 family device (some are 180MHz) which have much better doc and sample code.

The STM32F4Discovery is a cheap starter kit.