troubleshoot olinuxino mini wifi not booting

Started by raymonde, January 30, 2014, 05:30:33 AM

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hi everyone out there.
I just received a olinuxino mini wifi and bought a created bootable debian sd card following the instructions.
I used an 8gb sandisc micro sd and a 9v battery power jack from my arduino uno.

The olinuxino wont boot though.

first try: red led for approx. 2min then red and green led but only the penguin on the screen in the top left corner.

second try and every try after: only red led, penguin on screen for maybe 30 seconds and then no output to video at all.

the power and reset button seem to do nothing.

Is it obvious to anyone why this isnt working? I assumed that because i see the penguin then the sd card must be working properly because if i remove it there is absolutely no output to the screen.

Any help would be great please. Can't wait to dive into this!



looks like your kernel is booting, which is a good thing.
If you want to see progress at booting, then attach a
serial cable to the debug port - this is the system
console where all kernel messages are printed and also
a shell should be available after booting.

As for the behaviour you observed, I can only guess:
On the first boot maybe you only got a penguin and no
login prompt because no terminal was configured in
/etc/inittab ...
On subsequent boots maybe the system gets stuck somewhere
in fsck after hard resetting. Just have a look via the
serial interface or recreate the SD card.