Lime doesn't boot

Started by Watermelon, January 23, 2014, 07:25:21 pm

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Dear all,

I have just received this beauty called Olinuxino A10 Lime and I'm trying to make it work with no success up to now.

I must be doing something wrong but can't figure. That's how I'm testing:

-Olimex SY0605E power supply.
-Downloaded and burn image twice to a 8BG Sandisk Ultra class 10 using win32diskimage. Image uncompressed with 7zip.
-Tested also with 8GB class 2 card.

The simptoms: no activity, no LED1 blink, nothing on UART0. CPU gets hot.

Any help greatly appreciated.



CPU should not get hot.  Disconnect everything you can especially any serial devices or TV etc.

You may have a grounding fault or overvoltage from serial device or ... well, go looking.



I'm a bit ashamed  :-[ it works perfectly. I was testing without display and as there is no led activity or in the UART just thought it was not working.


No worries!  That's good news.