Nand Flash Partition file Corrupted after remount

Started by sureshmca, January 20, 2014, 01:12:18 pm

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Hi All,

I am  testing the NAND Flash memory in board through the following test scenario steps:
1.Mount flash partition   
#mount -t jffs2 -o sync /dev/mtdblock5 /mnt
2.Copy file to flash partition
#cp /test_file2 /mnt/
3.unmount Flash Partion
#umount -f /mnt
mount -t jffs2 -o sync /dev/mtdblock5 /mnt
5. Compare files
#diff /test_file2 /mnt/test_file2
I am running the above 5 steps as test script in a while loop. The test running fine nearly 100 iteration successfully.  But randomly sometimes in the  5th step is getting  failed since the files are differed.

It can be clearly identified that the file is getting corrupted after the remount and also i can see that  Zeros on 4K page size

Please let me know why the files is corrupted after remount of the flash partition



Is there any progress in this topic? For me almost the same situation, but FFs instead of 00s.