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Started by brunom, January 20, 2014, 03:06:40 AM

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I just received my board and it is great.  Now, I changed the web page for a small Hello World! and it's working.

I want to put back the original Olimex web page.  I followed the instructions and used thw Webpage MPFSImg prebuilt.bin original code (V 5.42).  I can download it via the MPFS2.jar utility and it says the upload was successfully completed.

When I access to the web page, it shows the original web page BUT without frames and without images and only the first page...

What I am doing wrong?  I didn't change the program in the pic, should I put the original one back too with the pickit 3?

Thanks for your help.

This is what I see in google chrome or internet explorer when I access to the web page:

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Potentiometer: ?

Temperature: ?

Welcome to PIC-WEB development board!

Stack Version:       v5.00
Build Date:       Jul 07 2011 09:59:05
PIC-WEB development board is used to demonstrate the power of an 8-bit embedded web server. This board is produced by Olimex Ltd.

More information about this board can be found here http://www.olimex.com/dev/pic-web.html.

On the right you'll see the current status of the demo board. For a quick example, click the LEDs to toggle the lights on the board. Press the push buttons (except MCLR!) or turn the potentiometer and you'll see the status update immediately. This examples uses AJAX techniques to provide real-time feedback.

This site is provided as a tutorial for the various features of the HTTP web server, including:

Dynamic Variable Substitution - display real-time data
Form Processing - handle input from the client
Authentication - require a user name and password
Cookies - store session state information for richer applications
File Uploads - parse files for configuration settings and more
Several example applications are also provided for updating configuration parameters, sending e-mails, and controlling the Dynamic DNS client. Thanks to built-in GZIP compression support, all these tutorials and examples fit in the 32kB on-board EEPROM!

For more information on the Microchip TCP/IP Stack, please refer to the TCP/IP Stack API installed with the stack. This manual can be launched from your Windows Start menu.

Copyright © 2012 Microchip Technology, Inc. Modified by Olimex Ltd. for the PIC-WEB line of products.



I had to restore HEX file too. 


I have the same problem and more.

I finally was able to get the Pickit 3 to install however as instructions say look for device drivers to be WinUSB (never has happened.) Somehow started working. (device mgr shows nothing but pickit 3 shows up in MPLABX)

I tried loading the project from Olimex TCPIP 5.42 = fails to even load! editing TCPIPconfig file line 155 says #Error.
This is exactly where MPLABX spits out an error and stops! I downloaded (yesterday) the version 5.42 again, and did nothing other than EDIT the TCPIPconfig file and same code is there.

Only TCPIP satck that I can load is 5.00 which Olimex download page says has no MPLABX project....

As for the loading of a simple hello world page... it loaded succesfully then when loading the main page I get a failure- page failure. ALL is broken.

So many discrepancies in documentation.... I dont know where to go next.


Microchip's TCP-IP Stack 5.42 modified for PIC-WEB REV.C (will not work without modification on other versions of the stack), there are project files for both MPLAB 8.xx and MPLAB X
Microchip's TCP-IP Stack 5.31 modified for PIC-WEB REV.C (will not work without modification on other versions of the stack) created by Paolo Chiarabaglio
Production test - source code and prebuilt hex and bin based on Microchip's TCP-IP Stack 5.00 modified for PIC-WEB REV.C (will not work without modification on other versions of the stack), there are project files only for MPLAB 8.xx


Looks like you're using a newer Microchip tool than it was created with.  Unfortunately Microchip seem to have made incompatible changes to their tools, leaving users in difficulty.  Ask Microchip for help...  The sooner they are asked by many people the sooner they'll stop making such changes.



May the Source be with You!


Hi brunom,

I had the same problem with you, cannot fully load the default page.
May I know what kind of HEX file you used to resolve the problem and where you got it?

Appreciate your help!
Thank you very much!


May the Source be with You!


Thanks Stanimir5F.
I use TCP-IP Stack 5.31 can get the default web page,
but when I program the TCP-IP Stack 5.42 prebuilt.hex, it can't work.

I have no idea why this happen.


You should use the webpage image file of the respective firmware. Since the different versions of the firmware has different set of dynamic variables and that causes problems for the firmware. Try either upload the old (5.31v) webpage image file or update the firmware (which I recommend you).

But if you are trying to mix them (for example 5.31 firmware and webpage for 5.42) this will result in a garbage page on the browser.
May the Source be with You!


Yes, it is working successfully if with 5.31v.

But 5.42v can't even load the default page.
After I load the 5.42v prebuilt.hex, the default IP is (whereas the manual provided default IP is
I changed to static IP, and my browser stated the webpage is not available.I also cannot ping the static IP through cmd.


Did you try to append text "/mpfsupload" on the end of the IP address in the browser. It should be something like this "" and there you can upload the new page.

As for the "" IP address - I guess it should be related with the network configurations. Either the gateway or the DHCP configuration. You can edit them also from the console on the RS232 if you have no access to the web interface.
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