MOD-ZIGBEE-PIR can't join any network ?

Started by morenji, February 10, 2014, 01:21:30 pm

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I have one MOD-ZIGBEE-PIR and I cannot make it join an existing zigbee network made with digi's xbee2 modules. I have tried to change the PAN ID on the digi xbee coordinator, and as well to change the PAN ID on the mod-zigbee-pir firmware itself and flash it over.

The xbee2 module works (i can connect to it with another xbee module). I select on the xbee module firmware the zigbee2006 stack but nothing, there is no way to make them communicate. Is there anybody who succeeded in making them talk? Is there other demo software (maybe a different zigbee stack)? How can I debug it since I don't have a UEXT-serial adapter and thus can't see the messages on console?

One more bit: I flashed the coordinator firmware over the mod-zigbee-pir but nothing changes: except that the green led is lit instead of the red one. Can't join the network formed with the mod-zigbee-pir or make the mod-zigbee-pir join an existing network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since so far the mod-zigbee-pir is unusable!