Olimex Nano questions SDA SCL Gps

Started by colorsound, January 14, 2014, 02:05:36 PM

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i am interesnted in the Olimex Nano seems very good for some projects ideas i have where size and weight is trivial.

is it possible to plug  Imu sensors or other type that uses SDA SCL pins like in normal arduino ?

a common problem i see with small boards is that they are actually very nice and small but then if you want to power them the battery is huge so the game end. i see you made a nice solution with the
OLIMEXINO-NANO-BAT what are the smallest batteries you can use recommend with it and how long can they power arduino and some sensors like imu and gps?

are there any tiny gps that can work with the OLIMEXINO-NANO?
do you have solutions for medium distance wireless like from 0.5km to 3km for OLIMEXINO-NANO?
gprs or similar for OLIMEXINO-NANO?



The NANO has a UEXT port built in, so you can use any of the MOD-xxx add on boards just by plugging in the 10pin cable that is delivered with the MOD-xxx board.  Since the UEXT port is standard 0.1" 10 pins, you can also connect other wires to it as well.  There is also a OLIMEXINO-NANO-BB if you want to work with breadboard.
The holder only uses CR2032 cells, so it probably won't last too long with a GPS (they suck quite a few mA).
The -BAT board also has a plug for LiPo battery, so the 1400mA LiPo is probably a better bet for the NANO. 


hi thanks for your reply
i,ll study it a bit more.