Android LCD alignment is off

Started by dave-at-axon, December 20, 2013, 09:49:38 AM

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See the attached image. Ignore the touch screen alignment as it's not mounted yet.

The menu at the bottom is not in the correct position. This is the Olimex 7" LCD and I copied the script as instructed. When you view the text, it appears to be that the output is not driving at 800 x 480 as it is not clean and sharp as I expected it to be.

Anyone else seen this and how can I fix it?


Hi all, I also have this issue. This is probably kernel problem, because background image is fullscreen, but apps and Android itself runs only on about 760x440 pixels. This is stupid, because I need to run my app on this A10s-Olinuxino really FULLSCREEN...

Can anyone suggest how to fix it? Can somebody from Olimex prepare working sdcard image?

Here is also one more issue on my board with Android - Display settings in Android hangs and crash, so here is not possible to set backlight etc...


I have the source so I may try and look at that but I can't yet build it although I can build the default source from Google so must be missing something in the configuration.

I also have the crash in the display settings. The A20 manual states that the A10S is better developed. I have 2 A20 boards coming this week so will be interesting to see if they work correctly or not.

I have submitted this to Olimex support direct and they said they have asked the developer to look into this but I have had no reply back on this so far other than to try Debian which does work.

I am hoping to use these boards for a small run commercial project as it would be ideal and lost cost so I am hoping this issue can be resolved and I can get the source compiled myself.

We also could do with a step by step guide to compiling the source and creating the IMAGE files for both NAND and SD CARD as right now there is very little on this that I can find. I have come from using FriendlyArm boards which have a detailed build for them but I have had little or no support from them on some issues so I am keen to see if the Olimex boards can offer me what I need with the support for them.



I have the same problem with the A10s board and a 10" LCD display. The resolution should be 1024x600 but on the settings is is displayed as 9something x 5something. Therefore there are black bars around the screen and the alignment of the touchscreen is off.

I tried calibrating and some LCD-stretch settings that can be found in the Android image but to no result. I hope Olimex will fix this or create new loader files for the board/display.

If the A20 boards are working fine, please share in this thread, so I can decide to move to the A20 for our product. The A13 does not seem to support 1024x600 and for the Olinuxino Lime there is no Android image to download (yet).