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Started by Robert Leacroft, January 04, 2014, 08:58:44 PM

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Robert Leacroft


Does anyone know if it is possible to compile the latest Debian kernel with "realtime" patches etc. for the A10S or the A10 (for when they get stock of Lime).  I want to reduce the audio latency (already using Jack with RT switch) to as low as possible and it looks as if a soft realtime build is needed.  I have never compiled a kernel before and it would be nice to know if this is even possible for a beginner before I start. Any comments on the possibilities would be much appreciated.



If you compile the standard sunxi-kernel with preempt-options and high-precision timers, then thats enough to get "soft-realtime". If you require nanosecond-precision, you have to apply the RT-Patches which will probably go into the mainline kernel in the future.

I wouldnt recommend trying the RT-variant for someone who didnt do any kernel-compiling before. Start with the preemt-variant and try if this is enough for your application.

Do the debian-build-from-scratch howto but before starting to compile the kernel add the preemt-option and the high-precision timers via "make arch=arm menuconfig".

Robert Leacroft

Thanks Soenke.  I will give that a go. It sounds a bit easier than applying the "patches" and I am sure will be more than adequate.