LAN stopped working

Started by flipflops, October 29, 2012, 12:47:00 PM

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 I was running alarm and everything ran fine for about two weeks, then all of the sudden, the LAN would not come up.

I got a new sd card, configured it to run the olinuxino os and it booted fine with LAN/ssh,etc but it didnt have any OS package manager so I configured the new sd card again but for Alarm's "clean version" but the root fs failed to unpack properly so I configured the new sd card again, this time with Alarm's full version and it comes up, the led blinks, but there is no LAN.

Anybody know what is going on?


Hi flipflops

what does "there is no LAN"? You don't have eth0 device? You cannot reach the device via network?
What could be tricky here, is the fact that the USB-Ethernet chip gets a new MAC address at every boot, so if you connected the board to a router with DHCP configured, most likely it gives a new IP address at every boot to your board...

--<br />Zoltan Gyarmati


I know its an old post but ....

It was a problem with the board. I sent it back to mouser and they replaced it.