programming Pinguino with Arduino IDE?

Started by adriano_p, December 13, 2013, 11:48:38 am

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several monthes ago Chipkit released a good suite of core libraries and additional libraries to be truly "arduino compliant" with their PIC32 boards.
This suite allow to work with chipkit board and potentially WITH ANY PIC32 BASED BOARD using any standard, or customized, aurduino-like IDE.
On the other end, this give the additional benefit to became TRUE code compatible with Arduino native code.
To have Pingino too compatible with these IDE, they are necessary ONLY THREE FILES, the bord_def.c and bord_def.h for the "variant" new PINGUINO type folder and a proper link script file (...something.ld) to be included in the core folder.
It would be a very fast and simple way to start working with Pinguino board.

I found the Pinguino board family very actractive but at the moment I see no reason to install, learn and discover an intereley new IDE.
Howsoever I installed the Pinguino IDE and, after a little battle with the USB driver, I ran only two example: blink and ASCIItable. Blink works OK, but surprise: ASCIItable doesn't work.
After some investigation in the called functions of the serial library another surprise: IT COULD NEVER WORK because the Serial.println is not implemented to work in the way requested by that sorce [namely Serial.println(thisByte, BIN)]. After a simple modification that works.

But at this point I was discouraged and went back to the first question: is it possible to use the Pinguino boards with the traditional IDE that works with all other PIC32 boards from Chipkit? Is it abvailable the three files suite to include Pinguino board in an Aurdino-like IDE?