A10-Lime ready for boot sd card images ?!.

Started by scout_3pm, December 12, 2013, 02:06:52 pm

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I just received my A10-OLinuxIno-LIME and I'm eager to start using it.
But i can't find suitable ready for boot sd card image, nor i can find
instructions how to build such image.

I checked http://www.linux-sunxi.org/Bootable_OS_images, but I'm most
certain that these images are not build for the hardware layout of the
A10-LIME and won't boot properly. I think the device tree of the kernel
won't be how it should be.

I have experience building images for the iMX233 Olinuxino , but there
I use YOCTO project for the kernel and debian bootstrap for the rootfs.

I'm new to the world of linux-sunxi, so any advice will be appreciated.

I hope Olimex upload their ready to boot sd card images, soon.
That could be a good starting point.


the Debian image is ready and uploaded but not shared
we now prepare the tutorial how to generate it and will share the link to the image and tutoarial later today
please be patient as
one unsuccessfull competitor of ours is waiting to see image without sources released at same time to report us as GPL violators like he did few months ago when we released A20 image but were not ready with the tutorial how to build it :)


OK, Great !

Now that there is information about such bootable image and instructions will easy the wait.
So - no rush ;-)

"Make haste slowly" (In Bulgarian: Бързайте бавно :-) )

Better to make it right, than to make it sloppy.


Quoteone unsuccessfull competitor

Wow. That is sad.  Are you allowed to mention who that is?  Nasty people.


it's not secret and easy to Google


Luke Leighton @ RohmbusTech who is trying to release "EOMA" board based on Allwinner



I have my Lime A10 booting fine from the SD card, but now I have attached a SATA disk and would like to boot from it.
Is it possible to post step by step instructions on how to copy from the SD card to the SATA disk?