is it possible to use the Pinguino USB port for communication?

Started by adriano_p, December 12, 2013, 01:47:34 pm

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I'm new to Pinguino but not new to PIC32.
I have to build a simple telemetry device, that must read some analog inputs and send red data to a PC application that shows them on a web page.
As this device is on a mountain, far from my home, I need to remotely access it to update the firwmare (no possibility to leave a pickit3 or similar devices always connected) and I should communicate the data via the USB port on-board of a Pinguino MICRO.
The questions are:
- are these (two things) possible?
- what have I to install (driver on PC or libraries in the firmware) to get that?
At the moment I'm not able to see on my PC the Pinguino port as a COM port.
Thanks to anybody, adriano


Possible and not too hard, really.  You'll need to write your own reflash code or arrange to reset into bootloader mode.  Read on the wiki about it.

In bootloader it's a HID not CDC device.

The same uploader can be used if you go the bootloader way.

If Windows, the wiki tells you what to install.  Linux already has everything needed in my experience.

You ought to make a watchdog of some kind as any CPU can lock up or go wild if just the wrong things occur.

BTW, the Pinguino forum has far more users than this one.