AVR JTAG-L with RS232 to USB converter

Started by ganesh.sundararaj, November 27, 2013, 01:40:20 AM

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Hello All

I bought a AVR JTAG-L with RS232 interface to PC. This is to program the ATMega128 using the Olimex AVR-MT128 Development board.

I have a RS232 to USB adaptor that I tried to use to connect the JTAG emulator to my windows PC. When I try to connect the device, firstly Windows Vista does not detect the USB device and cannot find an up to date driver.
Secondly, ATMEL STUDIO 6.1 cannot detect any sign of the this JTAG and is not listed in the Tools list.

Could anyone please help me with this and confirm whether RS232 to USB interface to PC will work for this JTAg.

Many thanks


Atmel Studio 6 support only the expensive Atmel programmers, you have to use earlier version


Many thanks

Which version of ATMEL SUDIO would be good to use?



Hey there,

AVR JTAG-L is tested and working with AVR Studio 4.xx.

As Tsvetan mentioned, Atmel dropped the support for ATJTAGICE in later AVR/Atmel studio versions (the design used as a reference for the JTAG-L).

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex