7'' touch panel didn't work

Started by phuockal, November 25, 2013, 11:58:18 AM

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i had built a Debian SD card for A10S micro board, then switched from HDMI to LCD display, Every thing was good.

Then I tried to calibrate the 7" touch screen but I got the error below:

Xres = 800, Yres = 480
tslib: Selected device is not a touchscreen (must support ABS and KEY event types)

I had checked the device input for tslib by exporting the TSLIB_TSDEVICE enviroment variable, then got:
bash: export: 'dev/input/event0' : not a valid identifier

I am afraid the touch screen driver, that convert touch screen signal to event, is not built in the kernel. Any body can help me

Thanks a lot


please use the image in the wiki, it have build in support for all our LCDs