What is the best kernel (src) for the iMX233-OLinuXino-MICRO?

Started by dingbatca, October 03, 2012, 11:32:33 PM

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I see lots of kernels out there for the iMX233 and I have 4+ on my build server.

linux-2.6-imx: the source tree from Freescale based on the 3.2 kernel tree, lacks USB support.
linux-3.5.5: kernel.org, but no USB support
linux-3.6.0-rc2: from kernel.org + Koliqi patch set
linux-3.6: kernel.org, USB support kinda of working

I have spent many hours compiling and messing about with these kernels. All have had limited success. I would really like USB, GPIO, and battery charging all to work.  Can anyone point me at a good source tree / patch set that works well on the micro board? 



Did you ever find out which is the known to be good source/location?


I'm using OpenWRT which currently ships 3.12. Everything works well on my -MINI, except for maybe battery charging. (Don't have a battery myself, but I think there is still no kernel space driver for this yet.)

GPIO and USB work in OpenWRT for many month now.