Arduino not seeing programmer, 2nd programmer !!

Started by quint22cp, October 24, 2013, 03:48:12 PM

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Please can someone point me in the right direction, I can't be the first person who has encounted this problem.
I now have my second Olimex ICSP10 and this one has the same problem as the one I just returned.

Win XP SP3
Arduino nano 328

The programmer is not seen by Arduino, more specifically the com port the programmer is on is not appearing for me to choose.

I have selected the nano board and AVRISP mkII but only com option is 1, and this isn't the USB port.
The nano works perfectly and if I connect it direct (so to speak) through it's own USB port it comm's OK through com 6.
What I am trying to do is check I can program it through ISP as I then want to burn bootloader into some blank chips.


Hello quint22cp,

As far as I understand you use Olimex AVR-ISP-MK2. There are two things to consider before using it with Arduino Nano 328:

1. By default the AVR-ISP-MK2 works with AVR studio and requires firmware and driver change to work with Arduino IDE (AVR dude).

2. The NANO seems to have 6-pin ICSP connector. The AVR-ISP-MK2 has only 10-pin ICSP (the 6-pin connectors located on the programmer are for TPI and PDI programming). So you would need to make an adapter 10-pin ICSP to 6-pin ICSP. Please check these instructions how to:

The two preparations mentioned above are detailed in the user's manual starting pages 9 and 15:

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Hi LubOlimex,
Thanks for your reply.
Obviously I didn't read the manual carefully enough, saw 6 pins and made the assumption that must be the ISP connection :-[.
However before I get to actually try to download something I have the more fundamental problem that the com port the programmer is on is not showing up in the Arduino software. I can see it in Device Manager as a WIN-ISP device but it is not under the comm's port (USB) devices.
Is this a driver problem ?


Out of the box the programmer shows up as AVRISP not AT90USB162.
Sorry im not tech savvy and need a bit of hand holding.


Hey quint,

There are two firmware for AVR-ISP-MK2. Each of the firmwares uses own OS drivers - the Atmel Studio firmware uses Jungo drivers; the AVRDude firmware uses LibUSB drivers.

By default the one that works with AVR Studio is loaded on the programmer. Arduino will not work with it. You will need to change the firmware and install new drivers.

How to do is explained very carefully on page 9 of the user's manual: You need to connect the programmer to the USB at the back and press the button in the hole (via a sharp object). Check if new device appears in "Device Manager" and if it does but is shown as "Unknown device" point the driver installer manually to the ATMEL FLIP folders. After driver update the device should be seen as AT90USB162. Then continue as explained.

No need to see the device as a COM port. In Arduino programmers have a special category under Tools -> Programmer. This is detailed on page 14 of the user's manual.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex