1.50 EUR DDR1 Memory now available!! How to replace HYNIX DDR?

Started by srungerson, November 19, 2013, 02:45:58 PM

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A new 512 DDR from ALLIANCE MEMORY is available now that should fit the IMX23 OLINUXINO series and costs just 1.50 EUR .vs vs  4-5 EUR for the Hynix or Micron MT46V32M16P-6T:F used in the Freescale hardware designs.

The best part is it is available in large stocks worldwide (ex: Digikey, Arrow and Mouser) for @USD $2.12! in 10 pcs!

Alliance DDR1 AS4C32M16D1-5TCN . The data sheet is here

The Micron DDR1
(used by Freescale) is here

(used by Olixino) is here

The Freescale evaluation used MICRON... so does anyone know where the MICRON to HYNIX modifications defines were changed in the first MINI/MAXI designs?  I ask in so I can try to change HYNIX to ALLIANCE.

If anyone wants to compare the data sheets (timing and drive levels) and suggest differences I am sure everyone would be happy to save the BOM costs!

Thanks to all


One more note...

When the ALLIANCE DDR1 is soldered on the MICRO we get this message "Undefined Instruction R_14"

When I add the ALLIANCE MEMORY  the messaage  Undefined Instruction r14_ occurs

PowerPrep start initialize power...
Battery Voltage = 0.65V
No battery or bad battery                                       detected!!!.Disabling battery                                   voltage measurements./r/nLLCMay 11 201215:26:EMI_CTRL 0x1C08404
init_ddr_mt46v32m10Frac 0x92926192
Undefined Instruction

(b.t.w. R17 is removed)



I guess I have 2 questions regarding "lower the clock"

What is the downside of lowering a clock?
How do I do this ... where is this define?

(It's worth a try simply to get "proof-of-life" that this chip can enven physically work at any speed



Hello Srungerson,

Have you had any success in changing the ram memory chip?

Thanks for your feedback.



Sadly... no

The specs are the same.. I tried slowing down the speed and changing some other parameters ...including timings on power-up of the 2.5 v.. but nothing helped.

As soon as the SDRAMInit is initialized the call goes back to the IMX23 ROM and fails.

Freescale did not have an answer either... but honestly I have not given up.. I'm just waiting from some advise or ideas.

got any?

Evgeny Boger

By the way, we're now using Samsung K4H511638J-LCCC000 memory with imx233 in our design. It's pretty cheap here in Russia, some $2 or so.

It only supports CL=2.5@133Mhz though, so a small patch to u-boot is needed to make this one work reliably.


srungerson, have you had any progress on your memory-swap attempt ?
We are also considering to order samples now and to see if we can get it working (though we are reworking our current EMI design as it was not stable on high clocks)..


Hi, has any of you succeeded in swapping the hynix memory ? I'm looking for an industrial grade ddr memory to replace the one in the current design.


We're planning to try some of the boards with Alliance chips in next iteration (maybe in 2 - 4 weeks?). So hopefully I can at least give some experience on that later.


Sorry for flooding this topic. Except the 1.8V, what would be the difference if it was to solder a mDDR chip?


I think you would have to change the code that sets up the registers that define memory operation (in u-boot spl_mem_init.c or in bootlets init-mx23.c)..
I'm not sure there is anything else you would have to worry about..

By the way, looking at the Freescales bootlets code, there is definition for Microns mt46h32m16lf mddr chip already:

void init_mddr_mt46h32m16lf_96Mhz(int ce)
void init_mddr_mt46h32m16lf_133Mhz(int ce)


Hi Jlumme,

Thanks for the information. I'm looking for an industrial compatible ram chip and still in production/available for order.

If you guys have a clue i'll appreciate the help! ;)



Here is some late news after a year (I started this thread). I am glad to see it's still active.

As you'd guess we stopped the 'Alliance DDR' experiment with as a failure and waste of time and continued to ship the IMX233 with MICRON MT46V32M16P-5B:F specified in their User Guides and deployed on their Demo EVK board. Note this part was rev "F")

Rev F: is now in EOL(no longer produced).  Today we simply tried to use the new Micro part MT46V32M16P-5B:J   (REV J)

Guess What !!  We have the SAME boot problem as the Alliance now   !!! No Boot with Micron too. Error is "Undefined Instruction" after SD init.

So at this point we have NO currently produced Micron Memory that works.

Here is the DS http://www.micron.com/-/media/documents/products/data%20sheet/dram/ddr1/512mb_ddr.pdf
Pages 14-17 seem to show just power differences.

If anyone knows a few fixes to try please let me know (we tried 96mhz, no change) . 



Well, from olimex team. The imx233-nano, said to be industrial on the website and on the store, is not. The sdram used is 0-70.

They ask for an extra € to make it industrial ( not mentioned anywhere btw, and which discouraged me from using this board for my industrial application, i need a stable product with clear informations. Not a "you must add €".

So they say that they have a industrial variant ( which i did not ordered and tested), maybe they can tell you which SDRAM product they use for this variant. Seems like they use micron one, i don't even know if they tested it themselves.