10" IPS LCD with Capacitive touchscreen

Started by woodward, October 30, 2013, 12:32:34 AM

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The subject pretty much covers it. The current 10" lcd (A13-LCD10TS) is dim and the touchscreen is resistive. It would be great to have a 10" ips lcd with capacitive touchscreen, similar to http://www.chalk-elec.com/?page_id=1280#!/~/product/category=3094861&id=14647624, but with your board on the back for connecting via IDC ribbon to the OlinuXino boards, like the A13-LCD10TS does.

I personally like the open frame of the A13-LCD10TS, but would be happy with a framed screen if that is all that can be sourced.

Thanks for all of the great products!


10" LCD may looks dim if no enough power (if you count just on the 40 pin connector
please use external power for best results
capacitive touchscreens are very expensive and not available in small quantity


Capacitive touchscreens don't seem to be that expensive ??
See e.g. http://mcpia.com/MT_S070_01A.html ?
I am sure that Olimex can get very good volume discount prices ?


Quote from: olimex on October 30, 2013, 09:12:28 AM
capacitive touchscreens are very expensive and not available in small quantity
No, they are not. If you want contact data, write me an email. A 7 inch capacitive touchscreen for example costs me 17$ in a quantity of 1000.


+1 for that or a list of compatible capa ts


The company i worked for closed and i had no chance to get the adress of the company we were receiving the touchscreens from.
But there is an alternative. Here you can buy capacitive touchscreens in small quantities at nice prices :

Good luck


right but what you link is just the panel without the controller ;)


Yes, as touchscreen controller we used a chip from st. Not sure any more, but i think it was an stmt07. It was a multitouch controller. There was also a driver for android and linux. But this panel should function with most controllers. And only a few capacitive screens have a builtin controller, most use an external one, only the very expensive use builtin controllers.
Next month i have some time, i will try to make this panel work with the a20 and will drop a note.