Bare metal programming/BSP writing on the A10s

Started by simonc, October 29, 2013, 03:32:50 PM

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Short version:

Does any public Technical Reference Manual documentation exist for the A10s at the detail level of the TRMs for the TI chip used on the Beaglebone Black or the NXP LPC3131 used in a previous Olimex board ?

I am now aware the A13 is a close variant of the A10s, but even then the A13 manual is little more than a list of register bitfields only.

Longer version:

I want to do both bare metal programming and to write a BSP for a RTOS on the Olimex A10s board.

In order to do this, you need detailed register information (which exists in the A13 manual) but you also need the additional non-register information about the various peripherials in the A10s as a whole as well as information about how the registers are related to each other.

For one simple example, I cannot find any information about the expected format of the SD-card boot files or the expected SD-card boot layout in the Allwinner documentation. Boot configuration is covered in detail in the above TI/NXP manuals but not in the Allwinner manuals I have come across so far.

That information could presumably be found by looking at the u-boot sources, but how did the u-boot people acquire this information in the first place ? That makes me think there may be another information source I have not yet come across.

There are plenty of other examples; I just chose this one as a example of the kind of information I am looking for.

I have also not yet come across any Allwinner reference code for the A10s. Other vendors tend to provide bare metal examples showing how some of the MCU peripherials are supposed to be configured and in the absence of a detailed TRM I spent a bit of time looking for that but without success. Does such code exist ?

Thanks for any information.