Is boot from 4GB Sd card possible?

Started by marcolazzaroni, October 30, 2012, 08:04:35 PM

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Is boot from a HC SD Card possible?
I'd need a higher capacity than 2 GBytes, so I wonder if I can create a bootable SD Card with 4 or 8 GB capacity.


no problem at all, I use 2, 4 and 8Gb cards. Only bigger and smaller I haven't tried.



Yes, I've also used 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB microSD cards.
I use gparted on a PC running Ubuntu to adjust the main partition to fill the majority of the card.


Kernel has 2TB+ support enabled by default so you should be good with all sizes.
I'm using 4GB microSD and just untar rootfs to second (big) partition after build.


Thank you all!
I've not understood what went wrong the first two times but now I'm able to boot from 4GB SD Cards too.


I noticed a strange thing: with 2 identical SD Card (same kernel and rootfs), the 2GB card boots in 20 seconds, the 4GB card boots in one minute and ten seconds.
Quite strange...


Sd cards come in different speed classes.  Larger sd cards are harder to make fast, so usually come in lower speed classes (or are more expensive).  On top of that, larger drives take longer to mount.  So if boot time is an issue for your app, you want 2gb class 10 sd cards.