A10s new Debian SD Card Image

Started by HeHoPMaJIeH, October 15, 2013, 11:07:19 PM

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Hi Guys,
here is new image, please test and send me feedback.

Change Log :
1. Kernel sunxi-3.4
2. U-Boot 2013.10-rc2
3. TS Working
4. eth0 setted to default ip
5. USB High/Low speed
6. i2c at 100kHz
Flash to SD :
zcat <image> | dd of=/dev/sdX



sudo apt-get install mono-complete

should install the mono .net runtime... but instead produces the error:

E: Unable to locate package mono-complete

even though all the correct souces are in /etc/apt/sources.list

Do you have an idea why this does not work in this Debian image?
It works fine on my olinuxino imx233 also with debian...


...ok i found out that mono isn't supported on armhf targets right now.

Is it hard to build an image that is based on armel Debian?