Openwrt SD Card

Started by lokinhas, October 09, 2013, 12:48:08 AM

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I have one Olinuxino-MAXI and i'm trying to create a SD Card to run OpenWrt.

I successfully created the partitions and copied the kernel and the rootfs to the SD card, like in the guide

however when i use the sd card in the board, through the serial port i receive 0x80501003 and 0x80502008. This hexadecimal numbers are code errors of the processor indicating ERROR_ROM_LDR_SIGNATURE and ERROR_ROM_USB_CONNECT_TIMEOUT.

I'm a total newbie in Linux...


Hi lokinhas,

Please double check that all the proper files are copied to their appropriate partitions (really, please do this). If everything looks OK, try again to DD the kernel to the SD-card, sometimes the copying process silently fails. If this also doesn't help, please try the whole process with another SD-card.

If this also fails, please ask again here so we can share OpenWRT files that are known to be working, so you can reduce your unknowns while testing. The latest OpenWRT builds are working OK, so it's only a matter of time for you to get it working on your board :D.