STM32-E407 Ethernet block needs power cycle to function

Started by Tamir, September 27, 2013, 01:21:08 PM

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Hello all,

Apparently I must power cycle my STM32-E407 to get the Ethernet block to function (i.e. seeing the two LEDs at the bottom of the RJ45 lit). Strangely, depressing the reset button does not yield a functioning Ethernet block which makes debugging of network applications impossible. This did not use to be the case using revision B !
I have a lwIP TCP/IP stack running on the board.
Is there a work-around? Is this a software issue?
Any comments will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Is it possible that the PHY transceiver must be manually reset...?


Solved - auto negotiation was started while PHY chip was in reset...


hi tamir
i can not initialize ethernet block properly. could you share your initializing code?