Android nand flash and Vga

Started by massimo1964, February 10, 2014, 11:20:30 AM

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Hello from Italy are a newbie to these boards and sorry for my english (google translated) I would like to know how to set android in nand flash vga video output. And 'possible? Should I put the card in a radio control Rc and Hdmi cable is not very comfortable so I bought the cavettino for uscitaVga but I can not set android .....

Thanks for the replies and greetings to all forum


Good evening everyone, from novice unfortunately are forced to navigate through thousands of information and I can not figure it out ..... I think probably my request is trivial, so I'll change the way you ask the questions and to address the problem and maybe give me a hand more easily.
Having installed the images of the official wiki for Android on nand flash, I can somehow activate the VGA output instead of HDMI by default?
I will begin to degrees ..... thanks