7" touchscreen

Started by cdoelhoffs, September 21, 2013, 04:52:39 PM

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I'm just starting with A10S board and I expect some troubles with the LCD touchsceen. The board is starting either in Android and Linux depending if I insert the SD card. But only HDMI display is active. LCD stays black.
The documentation says that the Android is supporting both displays LCD and HDMI.
How can I switch from one display to the other ? I don't see anything in the setting of Android.
Also, do the board use HDMI analog connection or digital. On a DVI-D screen I don't get no image. On a HDMI terminal I have one.

Thank you for your answers.


HI i also search for android image with lcd syport byt NO lyk



I will try this WE with this new image.

bdw I would like to test the LCD screen even in Linux to be sure it is working !

Is it any test procedure regarding this device ?



Thanks to all. It's working now.

Now I'm looking to 'how start X Windows' on this display