Started by avoba15, September 12, 2013, 10:12:47 PM

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Hi, I'm new at avr programming, and I have a question about the tool for programming called AVR-USB-JTAG for avr-gsm-olimex.

In the manual, is specified that the tool necessary for programming is the AVR-USB-JTAG...But in the board, there is an input for a USB A-B cable. My question is: Is the AVR-USB-JTAG the only way to program the board, or it can be done through this USB A-B cable...If not, what's this USB A-B cable for?

What's a compatible tool for AVR-USB-JTAG?


here's a pic of the board:


Hello avoba15,

USB A-B cable is used for virtual serial port communication. You can send and receive data on the USB. For instance, you can send AT commands via a PC terminal program and receive the response from the GSM module.

There is no bootloader loaded on the ATmega32 of the board by default, so you can't upload code via the USB (there is a protected boot section, but we haven't made attempts to program the controller via it).

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Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex