Started by RobertoB, September 11, 2013, 01:09:17 PM

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So, I got the MODO-WIFI with the MRF24WB0MA. I just can't seem to make it work. I explain further:

Read all the TCPIP Stack Help and been through a couple of documents from Microchip, downloaded demo code from them and from Olimex's page on the product. What I came to learn was that in order to work the MRF24WB0MA with a hardware setup that is not those of ther Demo Boards, you would have to change #define's in the files :

HWP PIC32_GP_SK.h  Where the Pins for the LEDs, SPI over UEXT are set.

WF_Config.h Where the settings for the network name, addresses  and modes are changed.

So I tried to work with the pins on the UEXT and join my home network. Observed no device joining it from the Router Settings page. I am not using serial port obviously, as suggested by Microchip, I guessed I could simply monitor the Router.

After that, tried to create an Ad-hoc network with my own unique name, didn't work neither.

So now, I am thinking about that it says on the README files of the demo software provided from OLIMEX. They state that the major change made to the Microchip's Stack is the dealing with the INT coming from the MRF24WB0MA .

Those README say UEXT doesn't have external interrupt line, and that is why the Interrupt pin has to be polled somehow.

This confuses me, since I checked all Schematics, and the pin 5 on the UEXT of several devices seems to be tied to RD10, which is also INT3 in the PICs, just as programmed in the TCPIP Stack.

I think this could be it, polling this interrupt, but can't find why is this pin 5 in the UEXT not used for polling by interrupting????????????????????? I guess this is the main question.

I  know someone named Alan Trundle seem to have made it work, can't get how to contact him though.

Senior members? thanks! best!

This are the files as they ended...