Using ARM-USB-OCD-H with 10 Pin Jtag on board

Started by Amit, August 29, 2013, 06:42:41 PM

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I have ARM-USB-OCD-H with 20 pin connector but my board(module) has 10 pin jtag connection. Can I connect this 20 pin connector to my board with pin-by-pin mapping? What special consideration needs to be taken?
Note that I can not use 20 to 10 pin converter because all 10 pins on my board are in single line i.e. 1x10 whereas 20-10 pin converter is 2x5.

My module has imx51 processor.


Hello Amit,

According to the iMX51 reference design the 20 pin connector is recommended (

You haven't mentioned which board exactly do you have but if you track the signals out of both boards and connect them there shouldn't be a problem on hardware level. You might use this flair:

What I think would be more problematic would be proper iMX51 OpenOCD support (despite the fact that I see there is a ready configuration file in latest OpenOCD release). We haven't tested it.

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Hi Lub,

I have board with MCIMX516AJM6C.