Trying to interface to the EA DOGM162x-A LCD...

Started by M-Reimer, August 28, 2013, 11:41:59 am

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I would like to drive this display module from my Olinuxino:

It is a nice two-line character display which is accessed via GPIO.

At first, I patched my kernel as described here:

Then, I applied the following patch to the gnublin-api package:

The gnublin-api package can be checked out here:

When building, be sure to have "BOARD" set to "OLINUXINO_IMX233" in With my settings, in the patch, the "RS pin" is "Pin 1" of the GPIO connector.

After doing all this, anything, I get, is... nothing... The gnublin-dogm tool says it successfully sent my string to the LCD but I can't seen anything on it.

As I don't own an oscilloscope, I used a LED and an earphone to try to debug the SPI connection.

LED between ground and RS pin: It flashes once while transmitting data to the display
earphone between ground and MOSI or SCK: Short scratching noise while transmitting data
earphone between ground and CS: nothing to hear while transmitting data
LED between ground and CS: LED seems to be always on while transmitting data.

Can someone tell me how to resolve this? I really would love to have this LCD running...