problem with EEG-SMT under Windows 7 - cannot get any data from USB port

Started by cilibrar, October 18, 2012, 08:08:24 AM

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Sorry to lurk for about ten years but I have been distracted from the research for a time.

I am one of the early contributors to OpenEEG mostly on the NeuroServer project I wrote some C for it.  I ordered a new unit, Olimex's great looking EEG-SMT unit + 10 electrodes for about $250 and I love the look of it but I cannot get any data from the USB port yet.  I have installed the VCP FTDI drivers I guess (the second installation step under the Windows 7 section did not go as I thought it would; the computer said the driver was already up to date) but for some reason I have never seen any data.  I am testing with Electric Guru as well as TeraTerm (57600,8n1).  My virtual com port is showing up as COM9.  My Device Manager shows this:
  (nothing strange listed here anymore)
  USB Serial Port (COM9)
Universal Serial Bus controllers
  USB Serial Converter

Can anybody give me any clue what is wrong?  I would love to get data from the device in any way at all.  As a software author I am comfortable writing my own visualization software but I am not sure how to get unblocked when I can't read any data at all yet.  Thanks for any help anybody can provide.  Best regards,



Hello Rudi,

Please make sure the device is recognized by the OS - e.g. open a device manager and check which new device pops-up when you plug EEG-SMT. Also you might take a second look at the FAQ section page 10 and on in the manual:

The driver installation might require to be forceful if you doubt in the drivers. Select the device which appears when you plug EEG-SMT and right-click over it. Choose Update Driver Software then Browse My Computer and point it to the FTDI VCP drivers:

Electric Guru software doesn't have automatic COM port listing so it can use only COM1, COM2, COM3 and COM4. You will need to switch it to one of these ports as explained in the manual.

Remember that in Electric Guru you have to select the correct port (1,2,3 or 4) and then click Start button :)

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thanks Lub

That worked great!  I thought I did it but I just uninstalled and reinstalled a couple more times focusing on the part that you mentioned and now it is working great.  Thanks again for your great improvements the new plastic package is 10x better than the cardboard box with aluminum foil that I have been suffering with for so many years with my last version.  Also I love the jacks and USB + power it is truly a major step forward for the project.  Thank you for your contribution. I look forward to enjoying the excellent device.  Best regards,