strange video behaviour with A10S-OLinuXino-MICRO-4GB

Started by yoann_q, August 08, 2013, 12:05:19 AM

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i'm new on this forum and i rencently bought a A10S card (equiped with pre installed android on embedded NAND)
first of all i test the card using a 1080p HDMI TV and all is OK.
i've bought an hdmi to DVI converter and start the A10S with HDMI2DVI converter and a 1280/1024 DVI Display , all is OK but if i click on an icon (display), the display goes into power saving state.
to illustrate , watch the folowing video
any idea ?


i receive the usb/serial converter to see the debug message and the process was
when i activate the HDMI audio output then the folowing message appear on the console, and the screen goes black

[  124.792314] [HDMI-AUDIO] PCM trigger start...
[  129.362142] reg=[23],val=24,mask=63,line=60
[  130.075814] reg=[23],val=28,mask=63,line=60
[  131.052097] [HDMI-AUDIO] PCM trigger stop...

i think i need to compile the android , i found the SDK but how to generate ? is there a tutorial ?


my advice is to check other monitor
your monitor may not be able to display 1028p and this is why you see blank screen


I believe HDMI to DVI converters cause a problem with the audio with a legacy DVI displays. There is no audio packets (audio transport) in legacy DVI displays. Most people use the HDMI to DVI converter for the picture and audio jacks (between the headphones and the audio-in of the display) for the audio.

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thanks for the answers !
i test with another display with the same HDMI to DVI converter and the same problem happend,
unfortunatly android boot with audio output on hdmi (default settings) , i connect the a10s on a hdmi display , set the output to audio jack , reboot and the output is reset to hdmi... may be if i recompile the android

my aim is to built a set top box for HDMI tv , the use of the dvi display is just for test and installation
so the problem it s not important  but i'm curious ;-)