My A10S can't start

Started by MANU62170, August 02, 2013, 01:26:45 AM

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I've bought an Olimex A10S (running under Android 4).

When it starts, everything semms first to be OK: I can see the Android bot picture, and then "Android" sparkling, like when I start an other Android-PC.

But it lasts and lasts and lasts, and after 1O' nothing has happened: "Android" is still sparkling on the display, and I suppose there's a bug somewhere...

What can I do?

Thanks for your help. :)


go to Wiki page and download the Android image and re-flash


Thanks Quote!

I'm just beginning with Olimex.

Would you be kind anough to send me the link to the image on Wiki? I can't find it.

Thanks for your answer.




Thanks a lot, but the re-flashing fails.

I followed the olimex instructions:

" To repair the image on NAND re-upload it following these easy steps:
1. Run LiveSuit (can be found in the wiki article for A10s and A13)
2. Disconnect the power supply and USB cable.
3. Place jumper BOOT/REC in BOOT position.
4. Press and hold BOOT/REC button, apply power supply, attach USB cable and release the
BOOT/REC button.
5. LiveSuit will detect the bootloader and will ask which file to program to the NAND flash."

I guess I do something wrong.

Would somebody be kind anough to tell me the very detailed re-flash process step for step, It could be usefull for many users.