Portrait screen orientation

Started by axilos, July 26, 2013, 01:37:52 PM

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is it possible to rotate screen to Portrait orientation? There is no option in settings and also I cannot use any application to rotate screen. It looks like that is Android locked to landscape orientation?

Any ideas how to rotate it to Portrait?


I was wondering if you had figured this out.  I am also trying to get an application to run in Portrait. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I'd like to bump this thread.
I'm using the A20 running Debian 7,
But I think the graphical stuff should be easily portable between these GPUs.


Hi all!
The same question: How can I get portrait orientation?
I use A13-Olinuxino. I tried several Debian images from www.olimex.com.

What I tried:

1. xrandr           --- not working.
2. xorg.conf        --- file not exists...
3. Xorg -configure  --- doesn't create xorg.conf 

Any more ideas?