Meet new iMX233-OLinuXino member: the NANO

Started by olimex, June 27, 2013, 05:37:25 PM

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I have been waiting for this product. It is possible to buy a version without UEXT/USB connectors soldered ?


Same here!! Great for some data logging projects.
Are there already some schematics ready to post on github? I wanted to know if the board is able to detect how it is powered? This could be usefull to use a bit of ram as logging place and when it is on lipo, save the data to the sd card (Not to wear out the sd card logging much data)


imx233 have internal PMU with LiPo charger, so the battery can be measured internally at least when boot kernel prints the battery voltage, so this is available without external connections

Evgeny Boger

Quote from: wwarczak on June 27, 2013, 06:12:08 PM
I have been waiting for this product. It is possible to buy a version without UEXT/USB connectors soldered ?

+1. We will be also very happy to be able to buy the version without connectors (~200-400 pcs).


+1 :) as it is probably a better choice than using the 2-layer mini and modify the PCB to suit our needs. I assume this board is more EMI friendly because of the 6 layer design.

Oh and it would be great if you could post some (preliminary) schematisc/pcb on github, so we can start designing the basic stuff (the pinout of the header rows would probably not change anymore?).


This is a great little board, last week got 2x from Olimex. No big issues with the board, just several minor ones:
- there's no user manual for the board;
- it's hard to solder the headers under the pre-mounted UEXT connector;
- I expected the USB-host power to be available even when working on battery, but this doesn't seem to work (the schematic shows that USB-host power comes from +5VEXT through a current limiter, but I'm not sure whether the iMX233 actually pumps the battery voltage upwards to 5V).

The power consumption looks fine: 75-80mA when idle, around 150mA when 100% loaded. DDR consumption alone was around 30-35mA, if I remember correctly (this is important for standby).

Speaking of standby, doesn anyone knows how to wake the board from standby (like when after you press "Standby" button on the board)?



Yes, what happened to the boost converter for the USB port?
That was probably the biggest thing that made this attractive (to me at least).
The smaller form factor is nice, but at the loss of some I/O on the main DIP pinout, requiring a jumper lead from the UEXT port in many designs.

I've actually designed my own board with inspiration take from the OlinuXino Micro
And I'm thinking of doing another version that is a bit more generic, but not so much as the OlinuXino design.

Still, an Olimex designed imx233 (or better) SOM would be very atrractive!