What happened with the plastic housing of Duinomite Mega

Started by KeesZagers, June 25, 2013, 02:07:11 PM

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Last year I bought some Mega's including a plastic housing. Now I want to order a next batch, but I don't see the housing on the site. Is this obsolete? Do you have another alternative?



its discontinued, this was quite unusual product for us and required additional manipulations - cutting windows etc which is something we are not good at


No problem. I replaced the box by a simple ABS box and drilled only those holes which are needed.


Old post, but for those who need them... We're an Olimex distributor in the U.S. -- microcontrollershop.com -- and still have as of this writing 10 of the DuinoMite-Mega enclosures available. They're set up on our store as sold only with a new board, but if anyone wants one by itself (i.e. you already have a board), we can do that too; just ask. (775) 636-7755.


I read somewhere that Olimex would manufacture more if the need arose, and if they found someone with the required laser cutting skills. I need 4 enclosures. Have Olimex found a skilled laser cutter, yet?