PIC32 Maxi web starting from TCP/IP DemoApp

Started by NaLu, June 22, 2013, 01:14:05 PM

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Hi all,
I am going to buy the PIC32 Maxi Web and want to start a new project starting with TCP/IP DemoApp that comes with microchip_solutions_v2013-02-15.

but now i am confused about the hardware profile and the configuration !!
Which existing configuration in DemoApp project i should use with the PIC32 Maxi Web ?


Hi NaLu,
I've just bought the PIC32MAXIWEB and I've just managed to compile and run the DemoSoft_PIC32-MAXI-WEB_v1_03.zip which includes a demo application for everything. Just load the workspace and compile as the direction said every project leaving the MainProgram last. Do not pay any attention on the warnings of missing files, they will be created during the compiling process.
Good Luck