LRADC drive strength setup

Started by lambda, June 18, 2013, 09:03:09 PM

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I got the LRADC working with kernel 3.9.4 by enabling
it in the device tree file. (Perhaps this should be the
default in the olinuxino device tree configuration?)

However I can't find how to set the drive strength:
It seems the LRADC pins are not managed by pinctrl, so
pinctrl is not an option. Also I couldn't find any
references to drive strength in the mxs-lradc driver.

Is setting the drive strength currently supported from


Evgeny Boger

I'm afraid it isn't.

AFAIK, 2 physical LRADC channels have programmable current source. It looks like different thing from drive strength.

Despite it's not supported by driver, you should be able to easily set the appropriate bits from userspace using /dev/mem approach.