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Pic web restore

Started by 8art-5imson, June 17, 2013, 01:50:11 AM

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I have managed to mess up my pic web Rev C by holding button down for longer than 4 seconds erasing the flash. So I down loaded modified stack 5.42 and flashed it to pic web with a pickit 3 via map lab 8.73. I have pluged it into serial port and checked network settings ect (it's at but when I go to that page nothing is there ? Somtimes while it is trying to connect if I reapeatadly press reset I get the a sort of web page in plain text no red olimex logo and just ? Marks where button, led, temp are ???  Is 5.42 compatable with my rev c board ?  If not where can I download a compatable .hex file from, I don't remember what version was originally on it. But that worked fine, until I messed it up! Please help


Hi Chris!

The demo on the web (5.42) is designed exactly for PIC-WEB rev.C.
Unfortunately I have not the problem that you describe so I can't tell you exactly what to do. Yet I have a clue what may cause the problem.

Are you using the right version of the compiler to build the project? It is built with PIC18 C Compiler 3.40.

The demo project on the web is based on the Microchip Solution library and when you try to install it there is a warning message at the beginning about relation between IDE <--> compiler versions. Check this screenshot for details (http://i.imgur.com/5slbVPh.png). So if you use another compiler I can recommend you to install the latest version of MPLAB/MPLABX.

If this doesn't help you try to program the board with the prebuilt hex file inside the demo project and see if you still have the same problem.

Stan, Olimex
May the Source be with You!


Many thanks. I tried ver5.00,5.31,and 5.42 and all of them seemed to do slightly different things but none worked, than after reading the manual properly, realised that I had to reload the web page as it was not part of the firmware. So I am now all back to where I started, and feel a bit dumb for missing such an obvious thing. I suppose in doing this I have learned a bit more about this board! Thanks Chris.