6 - 16 volt -> 5v power supply module

Started by David Goadby, June 10, 2013, 06:04:38 PM

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David Goadby

The A13 I use has a 6-16V power input, the A13-micro doesn't. The A10s I have just started using only has 5V power input. Both of the A20s have 6-16V supply. I don't see any clear pattern here at all.

A lot of my products use 12V rechargeable batteries for mains-failure backup. I also use 12V for relays and panel lamps.

Offering 5V or 6-16V variants of the A10s would be too expensive but how about making a 6-16V -> 5V module? That way we can use any of the Olimex 5V only products on 6-16 volt supplies. You could offer it with compatible plugs and sockets already fitted or (my preference) PTH solder pads with a standard connector block spacing.

I know that we can get these off eBay from far eastern sources but I would prefer to buy an Olimex branded version that will not change it's mounting holes on each batch! ;-)

David Goadby