Examples updated! PIC-GSM and PIC-WEB revC

Started by LubOlimex, October 10, 2012, 04:03:40 pm

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Hello Microchip supporters,

We have updated the examples for PIC-GSM board and the PIC-WEB revision C board with the latest TCP/IP stack v5.42 (from the latest Microchip Application Libraries). Both project include source files, and the option to be opened with MPLAB 8.x and MPLAB X. They are available respectively at:


Note that we have included a license agreement which ensure that our customers comply with the Microchip's application libraries license.

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Hello PIC fans,

Again the PIC-WEB rev.C demo example has been updated! The two big changes made:

1. New feature: send/receive string using the UART located on the UEXT via the web interface. Very helpful for expansion boards which utilize RS232/UART.

2. Fixed a problem with resetting the network settings if they've been set via the web interface. Now they should be kept after board reset. Thank you for the feedback, eagleeye (Allan)!

Best regards,

Edit: Added thanks section :)
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex